Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gray Hair

Okay, so I already had a good collection of gray hair to cover before being informed of my impending nanny-ism. It's okay - I have a great hairdresser. ;) But it's not the fact that I've been kinda gray for so long now so much as the many, many more I'm getting while my daughter is carrying our first grandbaby. She travels a long way to work every day and when the weather is nasty, it's nerve-wracking for us waiting at home on a late night or icy morning. She put her car in the median once on the ice and we had to go get it the next day. Then she rolled it - totalled it - on another icy morning and we had to go get HER. Then on Wednesday, a perfectly sunny and beautiful afternoon, she was six cars behind a tanker that flipped and spilled hazardous chemicals so they had to completely shut down the highway for awhile to clean it up.

She's fine and baby's also doing great, thank God...but I think He's trying to tell her that yes, He's watching over her, but she needs to transfer to the local store sooner rather than later...or her parents may expire! ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Barometric Pressure

Okay, today my Tolerating Stupidity meter is pegged. 
  • Somebody I don't know sent me pornography on my phone, claimed "wrong number" and thought it was funny ("my bad"), and sent more after I told her I would inform the police.
  • My students could NOT get their "talk" buttons turned off, no matter what consequences I offered them.
  • I watched a car nearly sideswipe another right in front of me...
  • two miles later, the car beside me tried to sideswipe ME.
What is it that sets the whole world spinning just a hair off-axis, anyway? Big storms are moving in tonight. Maybe once they get here and clear the air, things will settle down again. I know last year we had a bunch of squirrely activity for a couple days before a tornado hit town, but the day after - when we expected the kids to be crazy - they were calm and awesome all day. Go figure. So if it will work, bring on the rain!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


As I'm learning more about how to use my blog and track usage and readers, I discovered I have had a couple international readers :) Yay! How exciting!

Well, one is my son-in-law. So when he comes home I won't have that particular coolness on my stats. But one was in Denmark. I don't think I know anyone in Denmark - that's REALLY cool! 

So please, if you stumble across me here in the ether, drop a comment to let me know what you think...or keep coming back to visit :) Better yet, follow me and get updates whenever I post. Little things like that make me smile - it takes so little to bring a bit of joy to my aging heart ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting to Old

My online presence has been...well, off lately. I apologize to my loyal fans (both of you ;) and have to beg infirmity. Getting old has its moments...senior moments, painfully stiff moments, achy joint moments...

I had the opportunity last weekend to update and certify my Tai Chi for Arthritis. It was wonderful to spend the day with so many tai chi players and so many levels of experience. I came away tired but feeling warm and limber. But have I had time to play since then? Well, not a lot. I do some with my students because it helps them learn to calm themselves and focus, improves balance and overall well-being, and lots of other wonderful side-effects. And it's fun for them and for me ;) But teaching is not the full routine or the calming and strengthening I need for my own achy joints, especially when I'm mostly working the same few beginning exercises.

*sigh* It's this changeable spring weather. My hand aches...then my elbow aches...then my knee gets into it...then they start getting together in different combinations. I now have a new set of fashion accessories to help: a pair of crafter's gloves and a brand new elbow support sleeve. Yay. But it's never going to go away completely. Arthritis is a fact of life I'll have to learn to live with.

But this getting to being old thing is for the birds. Yeah, that title isn't a typo - I'm getting towards old these days. I've been joking about it for years, but the achier I get the more I'm not feeling the funny, ya know? *sigh*