My Faith

As mentioned in my blog entry Polymathematics, I am an unapologetic Christian. By that I mean that my views on Christianity, religion, politics, child-rearing, and everything else in my life are influenced by my faith. While I don't want to offend your faith, dear reader, I don't actually care if I offend your sensibilities where my faith is concerned and I don't apologize if you don't agree with me. Confused? Perhaps even mildly insulted? Well, it's not really about whether or not you agree with me, is it? It's about what God says. While I'm not intentionally out to stir up controversy (I actually despise conflict), I have to stand up for what I believe. If I don't, what/who am I?

I recently "met" a new writer friend online who has this posted as his motto: 
If there is no God, it doesn't matter what we think of Him. But if there is one, then it might matter what He thinks of us.
Likewise, when it comes to my faith, it's not what you think of my opinions (although I am interested and encourage your comments!) it's what God has to say about it. Hopefully, we can learn from each other, but learn more from Him.

I have posted a few inspirational poems and articles...and I actually do hope you enjoy them. :)
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