Write Direction

I've been a reader as long as I can remember. My fondest memories include books, especially having my grandmother read to me in her yard in the summer. I've read lots of writers' interviews that talk about writing stories when they were practically infants, but I didn't really get interested in that side of it until Junior High. Oh, we wrote our homework assignments and I did well enough, but there was a teacher whose class made writing so much fun and so intriguing for me I never have forgotten him. I also made a friend back then who loved to write and we began collaborating our daydreams into short plays.
I submitted my first stories for publication back in those days, awful as they were, and received my earliest rejection letters. But the dream never died.

Now, in the midst of a successful teaching career, I'm making the time and effort to hone my skills and find my voice in hopes of a successful retirement career in a few years. A second income for a teacher is never a bad idea, either.

I encourage interested readers to post comments, please. Your feedback is important to my growth and success as a writer. If you like what you see here, share the link and spread the word, maybe even subscribe and/or bookmark me. In the meantime, thanks for visiting today :) 

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