Sunday, September 23, 2012

Moving Forward

I'm trying to a regular time and day for blogging. So far, it's not working. I keep thinking I just need to get in one blog post a week to get started, but the days and weeks fly by and the "great idea" I started in draft is weeks old now. Consequently, the project that is the focal point of that post is also in limbo, poor thing being relegated to the "to do" pile.

But today I decided to post - little did I know the new app I paid two bucks for would go ahead and post a paragraph at a time rather than letting me work in draft first. Has anybody figured out how to get a refund on a bad app?

I'm trying to make Sunday afternoon my Writing Time. I was pretty much in that habit, whether it was blogging or master's thesis or fiction bits or even just research. Then Borders died and I crashed... Well, Panera has free wifi and great bagels so it's currently my writing spot.

One of the challenges of coming to Panera has been passing the empty hulk of Borders. Today I'm happy to say that is not such a hardship. It two stores to fill the space so the facade has totally changed.

(Note: further busy-ness prevented me from posting this. The stores are probably open by now. Ugh.)

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Common Sense Musician said...

I'm glad to see the original date is on the post. Actually finishing the job on Tuesday morning, October 16th. Ugh.