Thursday, April 14, 2011

Barometric Pressure

Okay, today my Tolerating Stupidity meter is pegged. 
  • Somebody I don't know sent me pornography on my phone, claimed "wrong number" and thought it was funny ("my bad"), and sent more after I told her I would inform the police.
  • My students could NOT get their "talk" buttons turned off, no matter what consequences I offered them.
  • I watched a car nearly sideswipe another right in front of me...
  • two miles later, the car beside me tried to sideswipe ME.
What is it that sets the whole world spinning just a hair off-axis, anyway? Big storms are moving in tonight. Maybe once they get here and clear the air, things will settle down again. I know last year we had a bunch of squirrely activity for a couple days before a tornado hit town, but the day after - when we expected the kids to be crazy - they were calm and awesome all day. Go figure. So if it will work, bring on the rain!


Anonymous said...

The lil barometers have been on a roll for two days now. You should have seen the bist room and the office....very busy places. I would agree that tomorrow will be much more calm.

Common Sense Musician said...

What did I tell you? Severe storms with hail and everything from Kansas through Oklahoma to Texas - and heading east.