Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ridiculous...but, sadly, true

So, I thought it was ridiculous that a trained musician didn't know that music would calm a hyper dog. And my musician friends have had the same reaction.

But a non-musician said, and I quote, "Wow, really?" and "Well, I knew it worked for people, I just didn't realize it would work for animals." And, yes, he has seen the Harry Potter movie where they put the three-headed dog to sleep with music.

I'm at a loss. Frankly, thinking has become the same kind of pass-time as baseball in America. It takes too long so it's no fun anymore - we quit. When a person I consider very intelligent AND who is closely related to a family full of musicians can't make that small jump from "music soothes people" to "music soothes," I consider that indicative of the trend in our nation to follow the hype.

Maybe I'm just so immersed in it that I'm out of touch with "reality." But I find it irritating and aggravating that so much that was common sense 50 years ago now has to be analyzed and studied and "discovered" before we can accept it.

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